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Meet MoNique Ivory

  The Lady, The Legend


Gentle, loving, passionate, and humble are a few words that come to mind at the mention of her name. Who would have guessed that a stale, bakery bought cake would pre-heat the heart- oven of this next great baker 


Fond memories of Grandma pouring cake batter in the pan, and letting her lick the spoon sparked the inner artisan. She admirably recalls how Grandma taught her how to incorporate the ingredients. Taking care not to forget the main ingredient: love. She has developed her own special language which translates fluently on the pallette. Her famous cinnamon rolls are incomparable. ("I can tell from touching the dough whether it's going to be a good batch").


She has donated countless custom, created pastries to numerous churches and other community sponsored events. While others are focused on the monetary aspect, she is elated just to witness the nostalgic joy brought on by her confections. 


One day soon, she aspires to inspire through teaching the meticulous techniques necessary for baking the perfect, eye- closing, reminiscent, lip- smacking sweet treat. For now, you can enjoy treat, homemade desserts like Grandma used to make from .... her bakery  

"Gramma's Hands"


MSH_Gramma's Hands Sweetery_0495.jpg
Image by Kristiana Pinne

Are You Ready To Sweeten Your Special Event?

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